Friday, June 29, 2007

Wagging My Tail

As I mentioned in The Simple Life, Bama found joy in desperate circumstances. At times I have overwhelming grief, but I realize grieving is important and healthy, as difficult as it is. I'm unemployed and am experiencing financial challenges. I live with chronic pain. I guess all that qualifies as desperate.

Yet, thanks to the gift of inspiration my little dog gave me, I'm wagging my tail. I have much to be thankful for. My elderly father had lung cancer three years ago and is still alive and doing well. He lives with me and is an incredible source of love and support. I have two wonderful dogs that deserve to have their stories told, too. I have many friends and family who care about what happens to me. I have the comfort of knowing that Bama is helping others with her story. I have a roof over my head and too much food in my belly. I have books to read and technology to express myself. I have a functioning car and have been able to fill it with gas. I live in a society that has unemployment compensation. I have a creative, intelligent mind, that despite inattentive ADD, works pretty well. I have much hope for the future. Truly, I am blessed. I know joy. Bama must be patting me on the head and scratching me behind the ears. I'm learning the lesson she had for me.

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