Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bama's Story

Although Bama's miracle was not the physical healing I had hoped, her true miracle was how she touched the lives of so many people. If you are new to her story, please begin with the first post to learn more about this remarkable little dog. Even though she is no longer physically in this life, she continues to give.

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Allan McNeel said...

As a member of Bama's medical team, I wanted to reflect on Bama's courage, the owners love, and the sadness of Bama's passing.

As Veterinarians we talk about the Human-Animal bond and what it means to our well being. But what makes that bond strong in some situations? I believe it is like a good marriage. Each person/pet involved contributes to each others well being. This relationship was very strong as seen in both Bama and her owner.

Bama endeared all that met her. She had a kind nature and trusted all. You would look at her wounds and wonder how this animal was still alive, but then you would look at her attitude and willingness to live and doing everything for Bama was a must. Even before Bama died she had to be feeling the effects of her failing kidneys, Bama showed her gusto for life and her owners love.

In lifes journey what consistently amazes me about our pets is exemplified by Bama's story. She showed happiness with the simple things in life. Bama was just happy to be with her companions, whether is was just to sit quietly with them, or a gentle scratch behind the ear, Bama was happy. Bama did not know or particularly care what would happen next, she was just happy with what she had. May she rest in peace.